Unwind, Reconnect, and Explore: Journey to Spirit of the Wild

Nature-Inspired Sanctuary for transformation, healing and artistry

Welcome to Spirit of the wild


Spirit of the Wild isn’t just a place; it’s a canvas for souls to gather, learn, and heal. A forest-inspired community center where every leaf, every breeze, whispers the secrets of serenity and renewal. Welcome to our sanctuary—a masterpiece in nature’s gallery, where learning, healing and artistry intertwine.

Stay with us

Seeking serenity in nature? Experience our cozy, natural accommodations that feel just like home. Choose from a variety of options to suit your preference.

Host your retreat

Host your retreats or workshops with us, whether it’s for corporate events, wellness retreats, or nature-themed gatherings. Our center is happy to host you.

Our Community

The Spirit of the Wild community embodies a shared passion for holistic living and environmental stewardship. Nestled amidst the serene beauty of nature, our community is dedicated to fostering connection, wellness, and sustainability.



We offer an array of facilities including comfortable accommodations, dining options, event spaces, recreational areas, and amenities designed to enhance your stay and create unforgettable experiences.


Explore our diverse lodging options, from comfortable cottages to modern pods, ensuring there’s something for every budget and preference.


From adventurous treks and forest walks to cultural experiences like tribal visits and village walks. And many activities for groups can be organised.


The wellness facility at Spirit of the Wild Retreat offers a comprehensive array of holistic wellness programs tailored to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.


Enjoy our restaurant’s comforting meals made with fresh locally sourced ingredients. Simple, delicious, and just like home


Planning a gathering? Our outdoor amphitheater accommodates up to 300 people, perfect for festivals, events, concerts, and more!

Learning Center

Our learning center features training halls, indoor and outdoor spaces, mini conference areas, classrooms, and a library and upcoming studio.

SPIRIT Of the Wild


Whether you seek a tranquil solo retreat, a memorable family getaway, or an inspiring group retreat, we create personalized experiences just for you. From serene 2-day relaxation escapes to transformative month-long healing journeys, our retreats span themes like wellness, art, music, entrepreneurship, leadership, and more.

This experience is crafted to awaken a deep-seated connection with the environment, offering a profound understanding and respect for the natural world. Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of nature, blending ancient wisdom and modern techniques for profound healing and growth.

Team Spirit of the Wild

The Spirit of the Wild International Conscious Festival

The International Conscious Festival is an annual gathering that celebrates conscious efforts for our planet. It brings together visionary leaders in various domains, including art, healing, conscious living, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. This unique festival serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, fostering awareness, and promoting positive change. 

With a focus on environmental impact, well-being, and mindful living, the festival inspires attendees to take purposeful actions for a better future.

The Spirit of the Wild Community

Our Community

Our international community is a vibrant tapestry of healers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, medical doctors, naturalists, writers, life and wellness coaches, educators, and more. Together, we create and facilitate regular retreats, camps, festivals, and activities that offer enriching and transformative experiences. With the support of our diverse and dedicated team, we provide immersive journeys that connect people with the profound beauty of nature and the depth of human potential.

Shine Gopal

– Founder Spirit of the wild

Spirit of the Wild | Nature Inspired Mountain and Wellness Retreat in Kerala



Our gallery showcases the harmony between humanity and nature, featuring works inspired by the serene landscapes and vibrant culture of our village


Experience  a range of accommodations that harmonize with the surroundings, offering a serene and refreshing experience atop our private resort in Attapadi.”


    It was like a piece of heaven. After being in Coimbatore in busy streets and loud houses I really needed some silence. That’s totally what I found. Shine made an amazing job: In the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the forest surrounded by moutains there is the Imark Village- a lot of tiny little huts and pods. My hut had a bathroom and two beds, it was very calm you could one hear the cicadas and sometimes the wind. The weather was lovely as was the food (all natural, cooked in the kitchen at the Imark Village). We walked a good bit together! And the place is pure magic!


    Teacher – Germany


      Shika was such a good host and I enjoyed every minute. One of his workers showed me the river and some waterfalls. Food is also great and the view is even better. Best decision to stay here for some rest. Thanks


      Travel Photographer


        If you want a getaway in the lap of nature, with great views and excellent local home-cooked food then this is the place for you. I enjoyed my stay at IMark and will surely return back in the near future. The host Shine is very welcoming and warm, the staff pleasant and the place very charming. The property has a lot of place to wander around and each room offers its own secluded surrounding space- ideal for people with pets or looking for a lot of space. Had a great vacation here and am thankful to Shine and his team for the pleasant stay!



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